We bring ideas to life

We build brilliant web applications, and we are a tiny bit in love with Django.

We the web

Everyone at Wildfish has spent their adult lives tinkering with, and poking at, the bits which make the internet tick. We have lots of experience developing modern, accessible, secure applications that care about users.

We achieve quick-paced development using agile methodologies and open source tools, and we continually collaborate with thousands of other developers worldwide for your benefit.

Django and bespoke web applications

We've been specialising in Django since version 1.0, either starting from scratch or taking ownership of existing projects.


Hosting, monitoring and management

Let us worry about ensuring things keep ticking over, leaving you free to focus on the rest of your business.


Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & FinTech

These markets have grown massively over the past few years and we've developed a real passion for these types of projects.

As a team we want to challenge ourselves and enjoy the work we do – working on FinTech, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency provides us with both.


Work with startups at all stages

High growth startups who are building or testing new products or founders of early stage startups who can combine our experience with their idea to help bring their vision to life.


The services we offer evolve as swiftly as the technologies behind them do. If you don’t see what you’re after here - or even if you really aren’t sure what it is you want - just ask.