What we do

We adapt and evolve, with you

We put you in the middle, and evolve what we do around you. Starting with your challenge, we discuss, develop and improve, until the right solution emerges. We get that it needs to be a partnership, because no one knows your business like you do. So together with your insights and our technical expertise, we create the most effective, economical and transformative result for you.

Our involvement changes to suit you

We adapt our process and services depending on what you want, whether it's strategy, idea conception and product development, MVP and proof of concept, or a full-scale build, maintenance and future development.

Your involvement changes to suit yourself

You can have as much input as you want, with tools that let you see your project's progress in real time, and the option of regular video chat updates.

Use our big Python chops

We are Python and Django specialists, well-known within the Python community, and lovers of Django since it launched over 10 years ago. They're our favourites because they deliver your favourites: efficiency, cost-effectiveness and quality.

Although if your challenge needs different tech, then we have experience in other languages and tools, so can swiftly adapt and switch to whatever brings your business the best solution.

Our process, in bite-size chomps


It all begins with a chat

Over a coffee, the phone or a hangout, we listen carefully to what you're after, and together we work out your list of requirements.


The estimate

We turn those requirements into a rough specification with a cost estimate and timeframes. Sometimes this is all you need to approve the work, although if not, there's a little back and forth until you're happy with what we're proposing.

Our work is broken down into weeklong sprints of incremental development, giving you a more accurate estimate as well as fewer overheads, because we can adapt more quickly to your changing needs.


Our iterative process

The heart of how we work, where we adapt and evolve our code over a series of repeated cycles, developing, testing and adding until we've created a solution that's ready to go. After each small phase of iteration, you get to review, suggest changes and approve, making you an integral part of our process.


Go live

Once all the cycles are complete and signed off by you, the work can go live.


Ongoing support

If you like, we can look after your product when it's live, so it becomes fully adapted to its new working environment in the real world.

The core of our services

Of course, it's you. Being a small boutique consultancy means our partnership with you truly matters to us. We never forget your name, or how you like your coffee. This means we only take on projects where we can make an impact – which works out well for both of us.

Our core services, on the other hand, are outlined below. We've simplified our offering to make it easy to see here. If you can't find what you're after, then get in touch to discuss how we can solve your particular business challenge.


New projects

With your needs, wants and insights at the heart, we create a roadmap for the solution that meets all your business objectives. This is all about getting a clear understanding of the challenge from every perspective, and defining ideas to find a distinct way forward.


Existing projects

To make sure we reach the right solution for you, it's important to look at your current project and discuss where you want to take it. We evaluate everything from code quality and complexity to deployment and hosting, so when we share our recommendations and costs, they're from a solid base of individual knowledge, not one-size-fits-all assumptions.


Custom-made web and mobile

Each of our developers is senior level, an expert at what they do, and all about the craft. There's so much love and care because we're in it for the pure excitement of where we can take the tech, always pushing it further to give you even more efficiency, innovation and value.

We're champions of test-driven development, always making sure our builds are as robust as possible. It gives us pride in our code, and you, quality assurance.


Ongoing support

We can look after your product once it's gone live, continuing to work on refinements with you, as it adapts to the real world and evolves to become bulletproof.


Monitoring & maintenance

We'll be on-hand if there's a problem, getting everything back up and running as soon as possible. If you're interested, ask us for our service level agreement.


Deployment & hosting

Let us take care of everything for you, with an agreement that puts all the necessary safety measures in place. Plus we're as keen as you to make sure our products are secure on site, testing them rigorously – sometimes even trying to break into the server to check their security.

We have bags of experience in deployment practices, from conventional deployments on VPS, to containerised deployments on AWS or Google cloud.

If this sounds like something you'd like, get in touch and we'll give you a monthly quote.

How did we do?

So easy to work with! Up against a challenging timeframe and within a limited budget, Wildfish built a fully featured music competition site that met the brief 100%. They worked hand-in-glove with the designers of our main site to ensure that the user experience was seamless. I loved that they weren’t afraid to challenge our thinking and offer elegant work-arounds and solutions to get us to our goal within the timeframes available. The site worked perfectly from day 1 but knowing that they were at the end of the phone just in case provided excellent peace of mind.

Sophie Randles-Dunkley
Global Charities

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