We bring ideas to life

We build brilliant web applications, and we are a tiny bit in love with Django.

We the web

Everyone at Wildfish has spent their adult lives tinkering with, and poking at, the bits which make the internet tick. We have lots of experience developing modern, accessible, secure applications that care about users.

We achieve quick-paced development using agile methodologies and open source tools, and we continually collaborate with thousands of other developers worldwide for your benefit.

Bespoke web applications

We can help make your business look better to the world. We've delivered solutions in all shapes and sizes, from company websites and intranets to real-time financial systems. Whether you expect a few hundred or a few million users, we can handle it.

Django development

We use technologies that allow us to rapidly develop and deliver solid, testable, and modern web applications. The most important piece of the puzzle is Django – an open source web application framework used at companies like Instagram, Bitbucket, and The Washington Post. Billed as the framework for “perfectionists with deadlines”, this is web development done right.

Hosting, monitoring and support

After creating the perfect home for your app and launching it into the world, we'll still take care of everything. We can fix problems should they arise, and help you tune things in response to real world usage, being at the end of the phone should you ever need us.

The services we offer evolve as swiftly as the technologies behind them do, so if you don’t see what you’re after here, or even if you really aren’t sure what it is you want, just ask.