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Google Cloud Container Builder: An Introduction

Recently, we have been using Google's container engine for deploying our apps, an intro to which can be found [here](https://wildfish.com/blog/2017/03/14/django-google-container-engine-gke/). The code used throughout this post can be found [here](https://github.com/wildfish/google-cloud-container-builder-example). Up to now we have been building, testing and deploying our containers from Circle CI, recently however Google have released... Read more →

Django on Google Container Engine (GKE)

This is a walkthrough on how to get Django up and running on Google Container Engine (GKE) using our sample starter project. It was written to accompany my talk at the London Django Meetup in March 2017. This uses a demo container we've pushed to Docker Hub based on our... Read more →

Introduction to MangoPay usage for startups

MangoPay presents itself as "Payments for Marketplaces", but it's far from being just a payment provider, adding a wallet management and KYC (know your costumer) processes management, enabling a whole new range of service offerings. Having analysed their offer recently, here's the breakdown of the use cases with some warnings... Read more →

Using Gabbi and Hypothesis to Test Django APIs

In the world of testing it is important to write tests that are both easy to read and covering a wide range of scenarios. Often one of these will be sacrificed to facilitate the other, such as hard coding your examples so that your test logic remains clear or by... Read more →

How to manage beta testers in Django

Sometimes you want to show a user a different feature. Or you want to test it in the production environment without affecting the other users. Or you have a group of beta testers for which you rely on early feedback to improve your app. Below is how to do this... Read more →

Django real-time notifications with SwampDragon

A lot of websites display notifications in one form or another these days. Facebook shows the new message notification, Gmail have the new mail notifications (with the support of browser notifications). I was asked today how hard it would be to implement a real-time notification system. The answer, as it... Read more →

Generating an in memory image for tests in Python

Sometimes it's handy to be able to generate an in memory image in your tests. This is faster than using an image from the filesystem, but the biggest benefit for me is not needing to spend ages wondering where exactly in your project you should store your single test image.... Read more →

Generating Django CRUD Scaffolding with Cookiecutter

`Cookiecutter `_ is a command line utility which constructs code from a set of Jinja2 templates. It can use these templates directly from a Github repository as well, prompting for configuration values as needed. It's fairly simple, but I can see it becoming one of those indispensable tools. I've been... Read more →

Johnny Cache on Heroku / Redis

Hooking up Johnny Cache and seeing your SQL query count drop down to next to nothing is a really satisfying feeling. Recently we've taken on a client running on Heroku, which enforces certain constraints meaning we had to do a few additional things to get Johnny running. Heroku's memcache add-on... Read more →