About us

We adapt and evolve.
So everything about us, benefits you

We've been a development consultancy since 2000, working with the likes of eBay, the BBC and Lloyds Bank. We have over 18 years of expertise to share with you – 10 in Django – and because we're always evolving how we work, you get all this experience with the freshness of today's insights.

We love tech

We love keeping up as technology evolves. This means we can offer you the most innovative options available, as we adapt and evolve the right tech to best answer your business challenge.

We're about partnerships

We develop and evolve a custom-made solution with you, collaboratively crafting insightful improvements and making savings as we go. Also, because we're small and independent, our developers get to talk to you directly, building a close relationship that's transparent and honest.

We heart Django and Python

We're experts in the open source tools, Django, Python, React and React Native, and love to work with them for the same reasons you'll love them. They're rapid, high-level and provide a shared knowledge we can evolve for smart, bespoke and cost-effective solutions.

We're open source

We're active contributors to open source software, because sharing matters to us. What matters to you is that we can adapt and evolve existing code, so you get a unique product that takes less time and costs less money.

Our story

Back in December 2000, we wanted to create a company where developers would want to work. A place that put them at the heart of not just the development, but the business itself. This way they'd have the support, freedom and opportunity to explore, experiment and innovate to the best of their ability, and with the latest tech.

Today, developers are still the beating heart of Wildfish. Every single one of our team is from a dev background, energising each project with their passion for code.

What's changed, is our experience. We've become Python and Django experts who understand the importance of open source, sharing and maintaining popular projects within the community – three of them are featured in the section below.

Over the years we've also sponsored many open source projects and events, including PyCon Namibia, PyCon Africa and Django Girls – scroll down to see more.

What we've given back to the community

We use open source projects every day, particularly Python and Django, so feel it's only right that we contribute some of our own work, supporting the community we rely on. Here are some of the more popular projects we've published.

Python 3 compatible ratings for Django.

Add ratings to any Django model with a template tag.

Tools to help manage your users' data in the age of GDPR

Our sponsorships

We sponsor, because it's another way of giving back. So we choose the projects and events we think will have the greatest impact on the community, like the ones listed below. Recently though, we've focused more on funding the little guys, as they need more of a helping hand.

PyCon Africa

We want to see the Python community grow and grow, which is why we sponsored PyCon Africa.

Django Girls

It's important that more women get into programming, so we've sponsored Django Girls events.

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