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Generating Django CRUD Scaffolding with Cookiecutter

Cookiecutter_ is a command line utility which constructs code from a set of Jinja2 templates. It can use these templates directly from a Github repository as well, prompting for configuration values as needed. It's fairly simple, but I can see it becoming one of those indispensable tools. I've been...

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Johnny Cache on Heroku / Redis

Hooking up Johnny Cache and seeing your SQL query count drop down to next to nothing is a really satisfying feeling. Recently we've taken on a client running on Heroku, which enforces certain constraints meaning we had to do a few additional things to get Johnny running. Heroku's memcache add-on...

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Twitter's Bootstrap Toolkit

Twitter have released an open source HTML and CSS starter kit called Bootstrap. It provides defaults for front endy bits like typography, forms and buttons. Better still, there's a Pinax theme based on it, making bootstrap styling your forms as easy as form|as_bootstrap. I can see this being a really...

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SQLYog and Wine on Ubuntu Lucid 64 bit

It seems that an Ubuntu x64 upgrade to Lucid breaks SQLYog under Wine. Installation seems to complete okay, but when attempting to run seemingly nothing happens, or you'll see an ODBC error if you run from a terminal. This is how to fix it: - Grab a copy of odbc32.dll...

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Swype: Mobile touch screen text input revisited

I'm really not a fan of typing on touchscreen-only phones. I just can't type as fast on a touchscreen as I can on a slide out keyboard, so for me that easily justifies the tradeoff of having a slightly bigger device. Trouble is, slide out keyboards seem to be going...

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Emergency Scalability using Amazon's S3

Reprieve found themselves in a situation where they needed to scale up their site in a hurry. Stephen Fry had agreed to tweet a link to an article about one of their client cases to his 1.25 millions followers, and they'd been warned that the resulting traffic spike was likely...

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