Making the financial revolution beautiful, with a custom-made Django, Python and Angular web app that lets people apply for a loan simply, quickly and securely.
  • Django
  • Redis
  • Postgres
  • Angular

The challenge

  • Build a system that allows customers to securely apply for a loan, upload details of their assets, and receive their money.
  • The key is security, as people need to trust it
  • Needs to be user friendly and inviting

The solution

We built a web application with Django and Python, while we used Angular to create a series of beautiful front-end forms, which let people create an application and come back to it later.

Since the platform is based around securing loans against customers’ assets, we implemented a rich backend administration system, so valuation experts and auction houses could appraise and value these assets.
Our system monitored payments in and out of the bank, and we made sure it integrated with their accounting software, to give the client the reporting and auditing required for a financial services firm.

The results

The Unbolted business turned into an unmitigated success, and is still going strong.


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  • BBC

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