Digital Exclusion Heatmap

Gaining positive publicity to help tackle digital exclusion in the UK, through a custom-made Heatmap for a big government campaign.
  • Django
  • Maps

The challenge

  • Map an API feed of raw data to cover areas on Google Maps
  • Make sure it’s an attractive interface
  • Data granularity is variable across the UK
  • Site needs to be able to handle high volumes of traffic at launch

The solution

A bespoke system that creates overlays of localised digital and social metrics on top of Google Maps, with a search function capable of translating UK place names into coordinates.

We built a system that creates overlays on top of Google Maps, showing the likelihood of digital exclusion as different shades of colour across the UK. We then integrated a search system that translated UK place names into coordinates on the map. When someone clicked on a place name, a popup bubble appeared, giving detailed data on the area, such as broadband speed, mobile data coverage, digital skills, age and education levels.

The results

The map was a great success, and received lots of positive press, raising awareness of digital exclusion and the fact that the UK faces a major shortage of digital skills at all levels.

Google Maps

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