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Government has never been so crispy

The GOV.UK Design System is a toolkit and a set of guidelines for creating sites and services for Her Majesty's Government which are clear and consistent and accessible. Services from the Met Office to the Government Property Agency all have a similar user experience which makes life easier for developers…

By Stuart
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Perl in Python

Our CTO Richard gave a talk at PyCon UK, asking if it is ever worth committing coding sins for the greater good. He talked about techniques which can make your code easier to use at the cost of being harder to maintain, and when the effort is worth the reward.

By Richard
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Managing GDPR in Django

Most will have heard of the GDPR by now, if only from the many privacy policy emails which flooded inboxes in the lead-up to the law taking effect on 25th May 2018. For those who have managed to escape the details, GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, an EU…

By Richard
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Google Cloud Container Builder: An Introduction

Recently, we have been using Google's container engine for deploying our apps, an intro to which can be found here. The code used throughout this post can be found here. Up to now we have been building, testing and deploying our containers from Circle CI, recently however Google have released…

By Dan
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Generating Django CRUD Scaffolding with Cookiecutter

Cookiecutter_ is a command line utility which constructs code from a set of Jinja2 templates. It can use these templates directly from a Github repository as well, prompting for configuration values as needed. It's fairly simple, but I can see it becoming one of those indispensable tools. I've been...

By Rolo
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