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An introduction to solidity

The ethereum blockchain has a powerful ability to programmatically transfer assets using smart contracts. In this post we will take a look at creating our own escrow contract and running it to transfer funds between accounts via a third party.

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Creating a local ethereum testing network

To develop a smart contract on the ethereum blockchain we need a local environment to work in. Obviously we don't want to test on the main network where we take on actual financial costs and risks so instead we need to setup a test network. We could use one of the public test networks but this takes a lot of time and memory to sync with. Instead it will often be sufficient to create a personal, private test network with multiple accounts to interact with. This post shows how such a network can be created locally using geth.

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Google Cloud Container Builder: An Introduction

Recently, we have been using Google's container engine for deploying our apps, an intro to which can be found here. The code used throughout this post can be found here. Up to now we have been building, testing and deploying our containers from Circle CI, recently however Google have released...

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Using Gabbi and Hypothesis to Test Django APIs

In the world of testing it is important to write tests that are both easy to read and covering a wide range of scenarios. Often one of these will be sacrificed to facilitate the other, such as hard coding your examples so that your test logic remains clear or by...

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