Portal for UK Challenger Bank

Enabling account holders and their teams permissioned access to their data
  • Django
  • React
  • Docker
  • AWS
  • High-load
A challenger bank that’s always looking for innovative ways to save its customers time.

The feedback

Wildfish was a great partner to work with. They were quick to understand our objectives and proactive in thinking through the concept with us, often suggesting solutions we hadn't thought of ourselves. They were very helpful in allowing us to understand the trade-offs for different options and really helped to shape our idea through to implementation. Quick implementation of feedback and bug fixes were appreciated as well. We'd certainly work with them again.

Mai Yamaguchi
Lead Product Manager, Tide

The challenge

  • Develop a portal that gives secure tiered access to business customers' bank records for their accountants and key members of staff.

The solution

An innovative, custom-made and dual-use portal with administrative functionality

The team at the bank approached us with a specification they’d developed internally. Working collaboratively with them, we refined the ideas based on technical restrictions and cost implications for certain features.

The main challenge was working with the bank’s API at scale, so we implemented prototypes to act as proof of concept for key functionality. Using the knowledge we gained, we then evolved and refined the specification until we were confident it was ready to go.
With the employee portal, we extended the system so account holders could grant access to their key staff members. Due to the way we had developed the code for the accountant portal, we were able to reuse much of the functionality, reducing a great deal of implementation time and cost.
Working alongside the bank’s internal team, we integrated the new portal system with their existing web app. The functionality we provided supported a near-seamless transition between systems for account holders.
We developed this project as a container-based solution, making it relatively easy for the bank’s team to scale without further involvement from us. On completion of delivery, we gave the internal team the documentation for how the system was built, so they had the option of bringing future development in-house as they grew.
All areas of the code were given comprehensive automated test coverage, ensuring everything functioned correctly, and regressions could be avoided when changes were made in the future.
We broke the project up into three phases: the accountant portal, the employee portal, and establishing tighter integration with the bank’s own interface. For the accountant portal, we turned the API prototypes into a solid toolkit with comprehensive test coverage. We then built the user interface around them, allowing account holders to authorise accountants to access their bank records. Accountants need to be able to manage different client accounts, so we gave the bank administrators the ability to create organisation accounts for them, and built the accountants their own interface. We linked this to the API prototypes, letting the accountants request access from the bank account holders.

The results

The system was delivered on time and in budget, meeting all the goals set out in the original briefing. It was well received, and is still used by the bank’s business customers - helping them to both save time and see the brand as the innovative banking alternative. The bank’s internal team now manages the project, although we’re here to assist with any operational issues or future requirements.


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