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Introduction to MangoPay usage for startups

MangoPay presents itself as "Payments for Marketplaces", but it's far from being just a payment provider, adding a wallet management and KYC (know your costumer) processes management, enabling a whole new range of service offerings. Having analysed their offer recently, here's the breakdown of the use cases with some warnings...

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Using Gabbi and Hypothesis to Test Django APIs

In the world of testing it is important to write tests that are both easy to read and covering a wide range of scenarios. Often one of these will be sacrificed to facilitate the other, such as hard coding your examples so that your test logic remains clear or by...

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How to manage beta testers in Django

Sometimes you want to show a user a different feature. Or you want to test it in the production environment without affecting the other users. Or you have a group of beta testers for which you rely on early feedback to improve your app. Below is how to do this...

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